Serving our Community     for 46 years

Master Sponsor

The Fair is located at 1255 Second St. Pike Southampton, PA
In between Tamanend Park and Klinger Middle School

July 2nd through July 7th 2018

Animal acts, use of fire, groups requiring excessive time to set up and groups requiring special lighting are NOT allowed.

Judging Criteria Acts and their performances will be judged using the following criteria.

1. Showmanship – Use of microphone and movement.
2. Creativity – Originality of performance, Expression and Audience Appeal.
3. Sound, Quality & Clarity.
4. Presence – Poise, Eye Contact, Mannerisms & Appearance and Attire.

Talent acts may be presented by an individual or group. A person can only participate in one act of the entire Talent Show.

Talent acts selected should appeal to youth and family audiences.

Talent acts may be drawn from dance, variety, instrumental and vocal arts.

Each act should be a maximum of five (5) minutes.

Participants should consider the following items when selecting and presenting a talent act:

    a. audience appeal
    b. Poise
    c. projection
    d. staging-position and movement on stage
    e. appropriate dress or costume

Use CD of good quality, iPod or iPhone will be accepted.